Glamorous Bedroom and Bathroom

The brief was to create a glamorous bedroom and bathroom, that made a statement and oozed luxury. I used bright and colourful wallpaper in both rooms as well as  bold colour for maximum impact.


Even though this bedroom was a relatively small space, I wanted to create maximum drama and chose a stunning teal which was used across the woodwork, walls and ceiling.

Painting the room the same colour from top to bottom give the illusion of space as your eye runs across the entire length of the room with no breaks.

On the back wall I used the wonderful Divine Savages Faunacation Wallpaper teamed with a neon sign. Mixed level lighting, a gallery wall and an array of scatter cushions finish off this opulent bedroom.


Shot of bed with cushions and neon sign

View over bed showing neon sign

View of gallery wall and vintage floor lamp

View of gallery wall and vintage floor lamp

Bedroom overview

Bedroom overview


Again this was quite a small bathroom, but needed maximum impact. Matthew Williamson Mughal Garden Wallpaper in Navy/Paprika was used on the back wall, complemented by the dark purple walls and ceiling and teal shelf.

I wanted to contrast the floral paper with a sharp geometric floor, so this black and white vinyl was used to add some edge to the room.   

Overview of Bathroom

Overview of bathroom featuring Matthew Williamson wallpaper

Bathroom face on view

Face on view of the bathroom and mirror