Early morning challenge: So am I a morning person after just one week?


As you will have seen in my last blog post I set out to test the theory that being a morning person makes you more successful and productive. It was an incredibly scientific test, which involved me getting up at 6.30am for a week and documenting it! So here goes, find out about my early morning week below!

Monday type with donut

I struggled to sleep on Sunday night and was awake most of the night thinking about the fact I had to be up at 6.30 so, ironically, I was actually awake before my alarm went off and was up about 6.20. I wasn’t too sure what to do that this time in the morning, I don’t enjoy exercising when I first get up so that was out, breakfast TV it was! I did enjoy having a bit more time in the morning and had a leisurely breakfast and started work about 8am, a good hour or so before I usually get to my desk!

I had a lot to get done on Monday so even with my early start I was working until about 9pm. I headed to bed at about 10.30, an hour or so earlier than usual, and managed to get straight to sleep


I slept much better but I certainly wasn’t up before my alarm on Tuesday. I have to admit I did hit snooze a couple of times and got up at about 6.50. After enjoying a leisurely breakfast I got to my desk just after eight again. I did enjoy being able to take my time in the morning, I usually feel like I’m in a huge rush to get to my desk as I’ve gotten up later than I would like. Although I do feel a little bit like I’m just trying to pass the time until it’s an acceptable time to start the day.

I went for a lunchtime run, something I’ve been trying to do more but often don’t give myself the time. With starting work earlier I feel I can give myself longer at lunch to go running without feeling guilty which is nice.

I had planned to go to bed early again, but things went a bit array when I got sucked into watching a 90s teen flick (Bring it On to be precise) which went on until midnight… oops!


I felt extremely tired when my alarm went off on Wednesday morning, I was regretting staying up so late and got out of bed around 6.45. Another busy day today so I’m appreciating the earlier starts as it’s allowing me to get more done. I’m noticing that although I’m starting earlier, I’m working just as a late, so the earlier starts aren’t giving me any extra time in the evenings. In fact as I’m needing to go to bed earlier (last night not counted!), I feel like I have less time to relax after finishing work.

I head to bed around 10pm on Wednesday night as I’m super tired from the early start.


It was actually a little easier getting up this morning, and I didn’t snooze the alarm for the first time and was up at 6.30. I’m still feeling like there isn’t that much reason to be up at this time, I just end up watching TV for an hour or so and having breakfast before starting working just after eight. I did make it out for another lunchtime run after starting work early again so that’s a positive.

I’m pretty tired again Thursday night so head to bed around 10pm. I have to say I don’t really enjoy going to bed so early, I feel like I have time to waste in the morning but am missing out on time in the evening as I need to get to bed to get up so early!


I was pleased to get to the final day of 6.30am starts, although by the end of the week it is getting a little easier. I’m at work early again but I’m noticing I’m hungrier for lunch much earlier than I usually am with having breakfast so much earlier. I usually don’t have lunch until about 2-3pm but I’m starving by about 12pm.

The Result

So am I a morning person after one week? The short answer is no. Personally I can’t see a huge benefit in getting up at 6.30am for me. The TV is crap in the morning and I’d much rather have that extra hour or two in the evening. What’s often left out of the ‘early morning success’ articles is the fact that getting up super early usually means going to bed early too, which I’m just not up for.

I did like having a bit of extra time in the morning to enjoy breakfast before starting the day so I think that somewhere in the middle of 6.30am and 9am would be a good compromise! My new aim is to be up by 7.30-8am everyday, seeing as my work commute is literally the next room that ‘should’ be achievable.

Overall I don’t think there is any magic formula to success, I don’t think getting up at 6.30am will magically make me more successful. I think it’s more about finding a routine that fits in with your life and being as productive as you can with your time, no matter whether you work best at 6am or 6pm.

For now I’ll leave the 6.30am starts for when they are absolutely necessary. As it stands I’m going to enjoy getting up a little bit later and not feeling guilty about it!